To cover or not to cover?

17 Aug 2017 - Posted in "random, Rants"
By Matt Vincenzino - UI UX Designer

So it's 8am, Monday morning, and it’s time to start the working week. Time to roll up your sleeves, and get to work. Unless you have tattoos, in that case should you roll those sleeves back down and hide any…

Make decisions quickly, and own them

15 Aug 2017 - Posted in "random"
By Sam Davies - Director

I had a random phone call the other day. From a company called Marcus Evans. They were telling me that we had been selected to attend a Summit on the Gold Coast, where we would be given the opportunity to…

Launching Jump – a new way to play a video game

02 Aug 2017 - Posted in "random"
By David Merenda - Lead iOS Developer

It’s very rare to find a household nowadays without Netflix or something similar. Families or partners will sit down after a long hard day to watch the latest movie or binge watch a TV series to pass some time and to…

How new experiences help to grow my business

25 Jul 2017 - Posted in "Business Advice, Travel"
By Amanda Smith - Copywriter

Many of the rewards that come from travel aren’t tangible…the lessons, new perspectives and the personal growth. While there are physical aspects, like amazing new friendships and cool trinkets, for me though, the new experiences help me grow my business.…

What the Font!?

10 Jul 2017 - Posted in "Web Design"
By Christo Mabbs - Front End Web Developer

If you’ve ever built a website from scratch, you’ve had experience using basic components like p tags, h1 tags, etc. Of course, at a basic level, it’s obvious how these elements lay text out on a screen. At a certain…

Tuning in – music while you work?

06 Jul 2017 - Posted in "Productivity"
By John Nilo - UI/UX Designer

It’s 6 am Wednesday morning; sleepy eyes open as phone speakers loudly blast a once favourite song to welcome in a new day. With common morning activities of showering, putting pants on, sniffing for a clean shirt from the pile,…

Over-apologising. Am I really sorry?

19 Jul 2017 - Posted in "random"
By Rachael Pearson - Administration

Sorry. One little word that I use way (and I mean WAY) too much. It’s always been a bit of a natural reflex for me, but since starting here at Digital Noir, I’ve come to realise that maybe I do…

Facebook ads that shine

28 Jun 2017 - Posted in "Social Media, Tips and Tricks"
By Nicholas Bozic - Designer

The competitive business landscape on Facebook is an inferno, for you to be even noticed in a typical user’s feed is no walk in the park. Here are 3 tips to get a leg up on your competitors with your…

Your morning coffee and the war on waste

03 Jul 2017 - Posted in "random, Rants"
By Rachael Pearson - Administration

It's 7am, your alarm wakes you up and you start to get ready for work. What’s your first craving? For most, that answer is easy, it’s a cup of coffee. You’re busy trying to get ready and cram some breakfast…

Building your buzz

22 Jun 2017 - Posted in "Business Advice, Social Media"
By Mel Hammond - Communications

We see it often here at Digital Noir. You have an idea. You think it’s a strong, totally unique proposition. In fact, it's just the best thing since sliced bread. You invest time and money building a product, and when…

I travel to constantly challenge who I am

22 Jun 2017 - Posted in "Travel"
By Amanda Smith - Copywriter

I used to think you travelled to find yourself. And maybe part of this is true. When I first got on a plane and landed on the other side of the world, something inside of me shifted. I was never…

Systems down

23 Jun 2017 - Posted in "Productivity, random"
By Mel Hammond - Communications

It’s actually incredible how debilitating it is when the tool of your trade deserts you, even temporarily. We’re currently experiencing some wifi downtime, and it hit me just how much someone today relies on being connected, 24/7. Or at least…

The 80/20 Manager – A Review

15 Jun 2017 - Posted in "Productivity, Reviews"
By Rachael Pearson - Administration

’10 Ways to become a great leader’ is the tagline but don’t be fooled, this book isn’t just for those high up! The book focusses on the idea first stated by Vilfredo Pareto that for every 20% of effort…

Your first website? Keep things simple.

13 Jun 2017 - Posted in "Business Advice, Web Design"
By Tess O'Callaghan - Project Manager, Designer, Developer

At Digital Noir, you’ll hear us talk about our high-quality custom websites. We love getting deep into the marketing side of web development, taking the time to make the design unique and beautiful and planning out content strategy. If you’re…

Fitbits furthering workplace fitness

21 Jun 2017 - Posted in "Heath and Fitness, random"
By Rachael Pearson - Administration

Fitbits. They’ve been around for a while now and are becoming more and more prominent in workspaces across the globe. Once primarily targeted for fitness fanatics, they are now promoted as a versatile fitness tracker, useful for anyone moving (or…