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You hear SEO and you cringe. We don’t blame you. We get all the phone calls too.

Most SEO firms will sell you a bunch of nonsense and out-dated techniques. Many will waffle on about backlinks and social media. That may have been useful in 1999-2011.

With us, there will be no gibberish.
The idea behind SEO is to grab the attention of your audience through search engines to sell your product. Start by forgetting what everyone else is doing. Whether it’s just your state or all of Australia, good content still king. And by good content we mean content that’s more relevant than your competition. It’s as simple as that.

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Let’s Analyse your SEO

How does our Adelaide SEO work?

We’ll first check you’re actually ranking in Google and review your traffic using Google Analytics. We’ll help you set this up if don’t already have it.

During this process, we’ll identify your problem – poor rankings, targeting the wrong keywords or out-dated content. From there, we’ll create a video screencast showing you exactly what’s causing Google to ignore you.

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We tailor an Adelaide SEO approach that actually fits your business

SEO is well beyond the keyword and link stuffing tactics used by many fly-by-night SEO ‘experts’. If someone tries to sell you them, run!

Our focus is on fresh, informative content, strong keyword choices, and keyword density techniques in the code. We’ll analyse your competitors’ websites and keyword choices, then select the best keywords – which we’ll place in the code and text of your website using the latest Adelaide SEO conventions. And we don’t stop at once. We’ll keep analysing your website to keep your SEO up to date.

At the end of the day, we care about increasing your conversion – that is, turning visitors into customers. Big numbers are great, but more customers or sales is the end goal. This is why we focus on engagement – how long your visitors are staying on your website.

How much does Digital Noir’s Adelaide SEO cost?

Most SEO firms charge the same. We are, however, not your typical Adelaide SEO people.

We don’t believe in a set ‘recipe’ when it comes to SEO. You’re unique, and so your SEO strategy should be to. There is one question you want to ask yourself before investing one cent into any Adelaide SEO campaign: “Do I have funds for a monthly budget?” If not, then it is probably not worth getting involved in an SEO campaign.

With Adelaide SEO, no one size fits all. As a rule of thumb, we recommend a minimum of 5 hours each month.

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