31 December 2019

Wearable Technology That’s Out Of This World – Alex Moss


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Technology • Space Tech • Design • _southstart

I met some amazing people and had some really exciting conversations at _southstart this year. Over a glass of wine, I sat down with Alex Moss, CEO and Head designer at Canaria Technologies, a cutting-edge tech company that brings together the space, mining and medicine industries into one little device that can monitor and track the wearer’s vital signs.

Alex has not always worked in this industry; she comes from a fashion, design and arts background. After reflection, she decided she wanted to do something different. Something that would make a difference. For nine months she taught herself medical device engineering in a garage, and in 2016 won the NASA Hackathon Best Use of Hardware. This hardware has been altered since then, making it more appropriate for use in the mining industry.

We discussed where the inspiration for the device came from and how she managed to keep her idea alive for long enough to see it launch. She also tells us what she has in store for the future of the company!

This is a chat I’m really excited to share, enjoy.


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