6 July 2022

Ben Colley

W/ Southstart

Humans Aren’t Robots is back! These eps were all recorded live at SouthStart, as always, we had a great time chatting with a bunch of creative and inspiring people.

In this episode I chat with Ben Colley. Ben works for Teamgage and is a Founder at GOOD Product here in Adelaide.

I’ve been keen to have Ben on the podcast for a while, he has a really interesting background and has some great experience building diverse teams and working with startups. Creating inclusive teams of people is something I have been thinking and speaking about for a while. Chatting with Ben, we dive into the importance of values for a business, bringing your “whole self” to work (whether that is good or bad) and real diversity in the workplace – how we can encourage it and create a comfortable space for people with different backgrounds and styles.

You can find more out about Ben and his work here:

Ben Colley 


GOOD Product

Thanks so much to Ben for joining me for a chat!

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