6 April 2022


W/ Southstart

This week’s topic is “creativity”. At Digital Noir, we work in a creative environment and industry so creativity is kind of a given but creativity is in everyone, and in all industries. Creativity is how we approach problems, how we look at things, how we work with different skillsets to get to a common goal.  

In this episode, one really interesting thing that Sally-Anne said to me was, “how do I create stillness and opportunity to allow that big thought process to happen? Because you actually can’t dream big if you don’t create time and space and quiet to do it.”  

This was something that really hit home for me as a leader, and also someone who is constantly busy and jumping in and out of tasks. I think as leaders, we expect a lot from our teams and our businesses and it’s easy to expect every hour of the day to be scheduled, accounted for etc. So many business processes can really stifle creativity – allowing the time and the space for people will allow for big and new ideas, creativity and ambiguity.  

In this episode I speak with

  • Sally-Ann Williams – CEO at Cicada Innovations
  • Lauren Capelin – Principal at Startmate
  • Katherine Boiciuc – Associate Director at Maximus
  • Julie Trell – Chief Play Officer at Playful Purpose
  • Flavia Tata Nardini Co-Founder & CEO at Fleet Space

Thanks so much to my guests!

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