Senior Web Developer – Expressions of interest

Dear web developer, we are not hiring right this second, but always happy to hear from you!

Does the thought of working for an ‘agency’ fill you with slight dread?

Good, keep reading…

I know you might have had a bad experience in agency land – being stuffed in a boring box and told what to do. Digital Noir is not your average agency and we are not searching for your average web dev.

I always tell young people I meet that they should learn to code. In my 12 years of experience in the industry, finding incredible developers has always been extremely difficult. But I am hoping that YOU (yes you) are the one for us!

Are you:

  • Willing to stand up for what you think is the best solution?
  • A problem solver.
  • Passionate about creating cool shit
  • Looking for a position where you will be taken seriously?
  • A professional (and we don’t mean you own a suit..)
  • Excited at the prospect of working closely with a dedicated design team?

We are not interested in a self-graded list of what languages you can code. Everyone does that and it means nothing. We are interested in what you can bring to Digital Noir. We are interested in passion and vision. This is a chance for you to make your mark – to make real use of all the skills and lessons you have learnt up until this point in your career.

We don’t use templates and don’t cut corners. We are on a quest to redefine the agency experience for our partners and that includes re-writing the script (and the code) of your traditional web development flow. We believe in Agile as a philosophy and not just a framework – inspect and adapt – repeat.

If you have been honing your craft and consider yourself an experienced developer of websites, we want to hear from you. We are open and willing to flexibility and making a warm new home for you here in our team.

In a short paragraph tell us what you can you bring to our table (email below). Make us excited!

Looking forward to meeting you,

Sam and the DN crew

Want to Join The DN Team?

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08 8217 9100