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Kicking Goals with *Carers SA*

We helped Carers SA to achieve their online goals.

The Scenario

Carers SA provides support to unpaid family carers across South Australia and with a recent change in the Government’s new carer support model, Carers SA will be the main provider of services for South Australia’s 250,000 unpaid carers.

With this change in the support model came a shift in the overall business goals. Their website needed to be updated.

Digital Noir facilitated a workshop with Carers SA, breaking down the current user flows and data of the current website and where we needed to be in order to meet the goals of this shift. After the session we concluded, our end goal was now to drive more engagement from users to online enquiries. We also want to lower bounce rates overall, a bounce occurs when someone visits your website and leaves without interacting further with your site.

Defining Our *Strategy*

Simplify! Simplify, simplify, simplify. We need to make it easy and clear for users.

Our Approach

Our first order was to simplify. The reason that clean and simple websites are considered more appealing is because they don’t require the eyes and brain to physically work as hard to decode, store and process the information. Today, people don’t read, they skim! We audited the site and asked, could two long paragraphs become dot points? Could some text even become an image?

Our second order was to create more hierarchy in design. Users should be guided to where you want them to go, and we can do this by using colour, layout and text sizing. Again, we simplified the design language of the website so it’s super clear, here’s where a user should go, here’s what they should click, and here’s a nugget of useful information.

By trimming the fat and making major call-to-actions really pop, the site navigation cleaner and less cluttered, and content as concise as possible, we’re setting ourselves up for success to meet our goals.

Update: Four months after the new website launch…

Carers SA is now seeing an increase of triple the amount of online enquiries. Overall bounce rates have decreased by 5%. More users are navigating deeper into the website, and engaging more with the content.