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Australia has one of the highest rates of skin cancer in the world.

Central Perth Skin Clinic are a group of passionate GPs with specialist training in skin cancer, they are on a mission to provide leading professional and human-centred care in the early detection, diagnosis and treatment of skin cancer and other skin conditions. 

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A new look and feel.

CPSC are all about providing the highest level of care for their patients (new and existing). To do this, it was important to them that, as well as promoting their own services, they are raising awareness around skin cancer rates and encouraging people to have regular checks. With these goals in mind, combined with their plans for continued growth, they came to us with a vision for their new website; a site that would reflect their style and build their reputation and credibility.

From a practical side, the website needed to be scaleable, easy to use and functional but importantly, it needed to instil trust for potential patients. Clearly demonstrating to their audience that the CPSC Doctors are professional but also approachable, encouraging them to book an appointment.

A far cry from a typical, cold, “clinic” style website, Central Perth Skin Clinic now have a unique and inviting online presence. Through the use of video, playful hover-states and subtle animation, potential customers are welcomed in, educated and encouraged to get in touch. The final result is a simple yet beautiful digital experience.

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