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Prepare for *Bushfire* Season

Epizo is a digital tool that helps keep you and your family safe.

Are you, your family, and your property ready for bushfire season?

That is the question Maria Raymond had we she first approached us. The majority of fatalities in bushfires are people fleeing their homes at the last moment. Maria wanted to change this. As a long-term resident of a bushfire prone area, she realised most people don’t have a bushfire plan and making a last-minute choice when a bushfire threatens is too late. That’s when epizo was born.


The vision was to build a product that helped people create their bushfire plans simply and easily, through a guided experience. Digital Noir got to work.

At Digital Noir, we work Agile. The Agile approach refers to the software development principle, centred around the idea of iterative development, where requirements and solutions evolve through collaboration. The ultimate Agile goal is to enable teams to deliver more value, faster.

We started by looking at what tools were already available, and a trend was clear. People didn’t know why they needed to take certain precautions and actions…there was a clear lack of education. Our goal became clearer – create a product that was truly a helping hand. To help people be ready for bushfires and to understand why early and decisive action was crucial.

With the goal in hand, we moved onto user journey mapping. This starts by compiling a series of user actions into a timeline. The timeline is then fleshed out with user thoughts and emotions in order to create a narrative. This narrative is condensed, ultimately leading to a visualisation. We can visualise how a user interacts with the product from start to finish and achieve our overall goal.

A clear vision on how users would interact with the product was in hand, we were ready to start designing the app. After wire-framing we created the design system for epizo. A design system is a set of standards for design and code along with components that dictate the UX of the product. It makes the product easily scalable when more team members work on the product and when a new feature is added. Think of it as the same instructions and Lego kit for everyone.

Without a design system, a product can lose its identity and start looking like a patchwork, creating a disjointed user experience. It also eliminates UI inconsistencies and speeds up the design and development of new screens.

After a false start with another agency, DN got epizo back on track and in record time, smashed out an app that met my brief beautifully. Loved the agile way of working - kept me focus on user value which helped to prioritize a long list of feature ideas.

Maria Raymond

We Present epizo

epizo allows you to create a tailored bushfire plan that is specifically for your household or property. You can share your plan with others and check fire danger ratings so you can act accordingly. epizo is here to protect your way of life.

We’re very proud of epizo and there’s plenty more in store for the future.


If you have a digital problem that you need help to solve, let us know! We’ll be back in touch for a chat soon.

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