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Wearable solutions to medical problems

An unusual challenge

Healthport needed a website that upheld its own branding, while also showcasing products created by different companies. The products needed to be represented by their parent manufacturer’s branding, but the website still needed to be recognisably Healthport.

A shared journey

Meeting with Sam and Brett, the founders of Healthport, helped us get a better idea of the overall project brief. Our designer, Haydon, lead a wireframe session with Healthport which helped us understand how the rest of the product pages would function. It was decided that each product would feature prominently on the home page, and have its own landing page. This would allow us to be more creative with how we upheld different branding throughout the site, and would also benefit SEO.


After our initial discussion with Sam and Brett, and creating rough wireframes together, we had a pretty good idea of how the website would be laid out. Haydon got hard to work on creating digital wireframes for Healthport. These would show how the content would be laid out on each page, where each page would sit within the site, and how they would be accessed.

Competitive analysis

To beat the competition, you need to stand out from the competition. If you differ yourself too much, you won’t be recognisably in the same industry. If you don’t differ yourself enough, you will blend into the market. Competitive analysis is a good way to look at what’s trending in a specific industry and using that to differentiate yourself enough to pop!

By identifying that most health and medical websites used tones of blue and grey, and are generally heavy in copy and stock imagery, we were able to make suggestions that helped Healthport’s new website truly stand out.

Look and feel

When we met with Sam and Brett, we presented a mood board of different designs to help refine how their new website would look. We were pleased to hear they wanted to go in a more unique and fun direction, avoiding the generic-looking medical industry websites we had found in our competitive analysis. With the look and feel determined, Haydon created the first Healthport concept design. This was one website he was very eager to design! We love it when we’re given free rein to create something new and exciting.

Welcome to healthport

We created a website that is fun, fresh and different! Healthport’s branding is strong, while the products also hold their own weight due to the large imagery and coloured call-to-action buttons. We’ve enjoyed creating Healthport.

Product Pages

Each inner product page created is customisable in colour and content arrangement, creating a future-proof website that allows Sam and Brett to easily add new products and tailor them towards the product. This will allow each future addition to shine individually, while still upholding the unique Healthport style.

Visit Healthport

Time to checkout!

Healthport doesn’t just look pretty! It also features a deeply fleshed-out backend that gives Sam and Brett complete control over their products and their variations, stock levels, pre-orders, customer accounts and more. For Sam and Brett’s convenience, it is also integrated with Xero accounting software and Sendle delivery services. This gives their customers a smooth experience from beginning to end.


What a wonderful crew! We couldn’t have been happier with our e-commerce website produced by the talented team at Digital Noir.

– Sam Doyle


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