Pulteney Grammar School.

Pulteney Grammar School is one of South Australia’s leading co-ed schools, but it’s also more than that. Pulteney Grammar is a community helmed by motivated students and dedicated educators. It was our responsibility to ensure these same values were echoed in the online sphere by creating a new website with the goal of promoting school tours and increasing applications.

Discovery Workshopping, Wireframing, UX journey mapping, Prototyping & User testing, Custom Designed eCommerce Website, WordPress CMS.

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Where Passions Prosper.

We first met with Pulteney’s Principal, Cameron and Director of Marketing and Communications, Julia, and prospective parents for a workshop session with the goal of uncovering where their old website was falling short of their expectations.

Because Pulteney already had Google Analytics set up on their old website, we were able to dive into their data and see how the site was being used by visitors, which in turn helped us plan the structure of the new site. We also interviewed parents who were familiar with the site to gather first-hand data on their experiences and pain points, which helped us better design a positive user experience.

The team at Pulteney also discovered that prospective students now have serious influence over which school they attend, so we felt it was important to connect with them through the new website. We worked with current Pulteney students through a range of workshop exercises to discover what information they found to be important and relevant for prospective students to display on the new website.

Through our content strategy process, we stripped away a lot of information that wasn’t relevant to prospective parents and students, which in turn led us to create a new Parent Portal where existing Pulteney parents could see urgent notifications, sports fixtures and shop for uniforms.

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The work and hours that went into this project in particular by you, Haydon and Pras is nothing short of phenomenal and we’re so pleased with the end result. We’ve received wonderful feedback from staff and parents, and I anticipate we’ll receive even more positive feedback in the new year when the Parent Portal really starts to get a workout by parents as the new School year approaches.

Julia Hodge
Marketing and Communications