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*Sarah Hansen* Hair Salon

A striking one-page website to bring Sarah Hansen's
online presence in-line with their physical space

Why Digital Noir?

Sarah Hansen came to us because they were impressed with what we had created for Blush Girl Salon.

They were in the process of re-branding their salon and wanted a trendy new website to match!

A realistic depiction

It’s our responsibility to make sure the websites we create accurately reflect the business we are creating them for. It was especially important to Sarah Hansen that we captured the vibe of their physical salon on their new website so that their clients could get familiar with the surroundings even before their visit.

*Bookings* made easy

Sarah Hansen loved the booking request form we built for Blush Girl. This feature has helped to boost Blush Girl’s bookings and we think it will do the same for Sarah Hansen.

The detailed form allows customers to pick which days and times suit them best, which services they require and the option to request their regular stylist.

social media Integration

It’s 2020, everybody is using social media. We made sure to include an Instagram feed on Sarah Hansen’s new website that pulls directly from her Salon’s Instagram profile. This ensures that work they are proud of is continually updated on their website.

Each team member also has the option to link out to their own Instagram and Facebook profiles from the team section.

Easy to *update*

Our Developers are experts in building flexible custom WordPress frontends. We strive to make every one of our websites easy and intuitive to update and customise.

Sarah Hansen will have no trouble making adjustments to her new website!

Optimised for every Device

WCAG 2.0 AA accessible and optimised for every device! Customers can now make a booking at any time and from any device. We’re working to make clunky mobile websites a thing of the past.

Presenting Sarah Hansen Hair

A stylish website that shows customers what Sarah Hansen Hair Salon is all about!

Check it out for yourself!


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