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Take a seat for *Scotch College*

How we helped Scotch College work torwards their fundraising goals with a unique campaign

Scotch College are currently raising funds to build their new wellbeing and sports centre. One of the ways they are reaching their target goal is their new ‘Take A Seat’ campaign. For a donation of $5000, a plaque can be inscribed dedicated to an individual and affixed to the back of a seat in the viewing gallery of the new sports centre for all to see!

Scotch were impressed with the work we had done on a similar campaign for Her Majesty’s Theatre, so they came to us.

Be part of history

Donating to Scotch and dedicating a seat gives the family members the opportunity to become a part of the biggest project in the College’s history. Their loved one’s name would be memorialised in the new wellness and sports centre for the next 30 years.

Unique Branding

While this was a Scotch College campaign, it did need to have its own unique branding. We based the look and feel of the new website on Scotch’s own branding as well as their previous fundraising effort, the Dare Campaign.

Smooth *Checkout* flow

You’d be surprised how many online purchases are dropped because the checkout flow was too cumbersome to navigate. 70% of online carts are left abandoned! Here at DN, we pride ourselves on being UX veterans. We test our products, again and again, to ensure that they are as easy as possible to use. The checkout flow needed to feel fun and simple.

Plaque Preview

Our clever developer, Pras, created a form that could generate a preview of the dedicated plaque with the user’s details. We think it pays to show donors what they will be receiving before they commit.

Intuitive seat selection

The seat selection flow guides donors through the simple process, though it doesn’t really need to. We designed the flow to be super simple and easy to follow so there would be no confusion or “I’m stuck!” moments. Donors can choose their seat and customise their plaque from any device!

Ready for business

The new website is up, running and ready for the donations to pour in!

Have a look for yourself!


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