Scott Salisbury Homes.

Scott Salisbury Homes is a leader in the luxury home design and build marketplace. But their point of difference is more than the individuality and quality of their products, it is the honest and helpful customer service that guides their clients through the entire process from start to finish.

Workshop, concept, prototyping, UI & graphic design, development, WordPress CMS.

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A Digital Transformation.

We are proud to deliver a beautifully custom-designed WordPress website to the Scott Salisbury team. The power of a WordPress website allows the team to update imagery and copy on their website through an intuitive content management system, add new projects to their esteemed portfolio, capture and monitor leads with Gravity Forms and measure the success of the website through Google Analytics.

We have developed a visual style that embodies the experience of Scott Salisbury homes in digital form. Through the use of typography, imagery and animation, we succeeded in meeting the overarching project goals of enticing potential customers to spend more time on the website and encouraging them to make contact.

Experience Scott Salisbury Homes.



DesignRush, known for its web design awards has chosen our design to be featured among Best Real Estate Website Designs That Make You Feel Right At Home.


A very big thank you to the Digital Noir team who did an amazing job in taking this website from concept to a fully functioning website in less than 4 months – they have been outstanding in their delivery, and customer service excellence (they laughed at ALL my jokes).

Kerri Wilmshurst
Sales and Marketing Coordinator at the Scott Salisbury Group