A treatment plan for *Seaside Dental*

Helping a local dental clinic connect to its target audience with a fresh website

Why a new website?

Robert and Tim came to us to design and develop a fresh new website that focussed on being family-friendly and showcased their dental services. They left it with us to consolidate their content and design a stylish and welcoming website that appeals to families.

Their existing website was clunky and bloated, we find that it’s more efficient to build a new website from scratch rather than trying to apply bandaid fixes to an existing one. Starting afresh also ensures we can follow best practices in our design and development phase, and won’t be limited in our creativity by the restrictions of existing code.

Find out more about how we create websites here.

We know our *shit*

We recently created a new website for Strathalbyn Dental, during which we went through a research phase to discover what people liked and disliked about dental websites.

The overall consensus was that everybody hates seeing dentistry tools and the dreaded dental chair. Colour palettes of white, grey and blue with images of stainless steel tools and uninspired stock photos of attractive people smiling do not resonate with audiences.

Meeting Robert and Tim

We had a small workshop with Robert and Tim to iron out what exactly they were after. Mel and I presented the findings of our research for Strathalbyn Dental and showed them a few different designs to try and gauge how ‘outside the box’ they were willing to go with their new website.

We needed to create something that appealed to a younger audience, while still being instantly recognisable as a dental website.

Two concepts to choose from

After our initial workshop, I thought that Robert and Tim were still a little unsure of how they wanted their new website to look. Sometimes you don’t know what you like until you see it! I decided to create two concept designs for them, one on the safer side and the other a little more out there.