Weber Outdoor Kitchen Designer App.

Weber’s Outdoor Kitchen range is truly spectacular and second to none.

Not only can you build your outdoor kitchen with the support of a Weber Rep in store, but now, driven by pesky lockdowns and people’s inability to venture out to a Specialist Store, you can design and build your own outdoor kitchen easily from your phone…which is also pretty spectacular..

Discovery Workshopping, Wireframing, UX journey mapping, Prototyping & User testing.

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Taking outdoor kitchens to the next level.

Weber wanted to ensure that customers could visualise, design and build their outdoor kitchen without having to leave the comfort of their own home. With Weber’s Outdoor Kitchen Designer; a customer-facing web app (available on desktop or mobile), this became a reality When using the app, customers can now explore their creative side and visualise the range and variety of products Weber kitchens has to offer. One of the biggest selling points of the Weber Outdoor Kitchen Designer is the ability to view lifelike renders of all of the available products, giving customers the ability to visualise and customise their build.

Ignite the experience.

The ultimate goal with any digital experience is to keep the users front of mind.

For Weber’s customers, we had to ensure that the journey to create their custom kitchen (one with many variations) was easy to follow and clearly visualised their concept at every stage. Whilst the web app was (put simply), a ‘cut and paste’ of the existing tablet app, Nick had to unpack then reassemble the overall user experience to accommodate for a tiny mobile screen. Easier said than done! Imagine having to allow for a broad selection of left and right modules, space dimensions, accessories and don’t forget the main attraction and centre-piece – the supreme barbecue itself! Working together with Weber, Nick, EK, Shyam and David (who developed the web app), created a slick, intuitive and polished experience complimented by a schmick design.

Turn up the heat.

At Digital Noir, we’re all about bolstering app functionality, working agile and bringing through the power of user feedback. Throughout this project, we were able to throw into the mix new functionality recommended by Weber’s Store Representatives and System Administrators to really make the app sing.

New customer and administrative features, a more powerful backend and extended permissions for Site Technicians and Stores ensured that Weber’s Outdoor Kitchen Designer app is powerful, scalable and maintains high performance for all users.

Mate! Throw a shrimp on the barbie!

Ready to design your own dream kitchen? Put your feet up, grab a bevy and your laptop or mobile, and have a go! You won’t be disappointed…

Explore the Weber Outdoor Kitchen Designer.

Digital Noir helped turn our vision of a streamlined, intuitive sales tool into so much more with the Weber Outdoor Kitchen Designer App. Not only does it make the customer-facing experience so easy and fun, but the level of detail and intricacy that is intertwined with the app has made it a valuable resource for customers, stores, and even ourselves! Working collaboratively, Digital Noir have nailed the brief of something incredibly functional and useful, while also being so irresistibly pretty to look at.

Dion Corbo, Research and Development, Weber