23 March 2022

Purpose & Community

W/ Southstart

This week’s episode is focussed on Purpose and Community. Purpose is a bit of a buzz word at the moment but it’s something that is really important to people, and more and more it is essential to think about for customers. It’s something I have been going back and fourth on for for a while, often it is assumed that to make an impact, your purpose needs to be huge – something that will change the world. I am trying to reframe this, I think we can approach it more simply with smaller goals that actually still create a big impact – to do meaningful work with your team, choosing partners who align with your goals and working in a way that can help our communities.

Everything we do these days says something about us, where we buy our clothes, what food we eat and especially where we work. People want to be a part of something they believe in. 

In this episode I speak with:

  • Sally-Ann Williams – CEO at Cicada Innovations
  • Lauren Capelin – Principal at Startmate
  • Katherine Boiciuc – Associate Director at Maximus
  • Julie Trell – Chief Play Officer at Playful Purpose
  • Flavia Tata Nardini – Co-Founder & CEO at Fleet Space

Thanks so much to my guests!

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