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You could be missing out on significant returns from your website. We can analyse the health of your site to ensure it is a truly effective marketing tool for your business.
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Make data driven decisions

Data is what should be driving your digital strategy. Do you have the right data to tell you if your website is meeting your business objectives? We still receive change requests from clients based on how they feel, rather than what they know. In our experience, small but informed changes could make that crucial difference to your conversion rates.

A DN website audit allows us to dive into your site as a team and perform a high-level analysis. The end result is a summary report of what could be improved on your website and why, from User Experience and Mobile Optimisation to On-Page SEO and Performance & Security.

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Anything from slow loading pages to usability errors can drive visitors away and will often negatively impact your search rankings. Our website audit brings together years of design and development experience and a range of insights to help answer the following, and more:

  • How does your site use user touch points to help meet your business objectives?
  • What are the most common ‘pathways’ through your site – do these align your expectations?
  • Does Google think your site is mobile friendly?
  • How does mobile engagement compare to desktop?
  • Are you providing the best on-page content to help Google find and understand your pages?
  • Are unnecessary plugins impacting your site’s performance?
  • How secure is your information?

Our report will provide a summary of the above information and more, and some suggestions for improvement. This will be followed by a phone meeting to discuss the outcomes and potential next steps.


Prestigious Adelaide school St Peter’s College came to us with a problem. They wanted to overhaul their website to present their visitors with clear, engaging user journeys. They knew what, but they didn’t know how.

We started by performing a full site audit, resulting in suggested changes including content strategy, navigation, messaging and form usability, as well as SEO best practice, site speed and security improvements.


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"Digital Noir have been able to find tools and strategies to help us reach our goals. And, from a creative perspective, they're just on the money."

- Andrew Natale, Marketing & Communications, St Peters College

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