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Websites With The ‘Whole Package’ – Looks, Brains & Personality

A website should be making your business money. If it’s not, you’re leaving customers, and profit on the table – wide open for your competitors. Like any all marketing, a well designed website should be bringing people through your door, or onto your online shop. It should have people talking about you, or to you!

At Digital Noir, we focus on the ‘conversion concept.’ Sounds technical? We strip it right back for you, and simply ask: “What are you trying to achieve?” It’s less about how many pages you want or the background colour, and more about the bigger picture. But don’t get us wrong. You’ll get all the visual aspects too, but the difference is you’ll make money from your website.

For the whole package – looks, personality and brains – chat to us.

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Web Design Adelaide

Website Design That Stands Out.

Custom Web Design Adelaide

Anyone can create a website. I think I even know a mate’s kid looking to earn a few bucks during his school holidays.

Ok yes, both are probably true. There are plenty of self-building website programs available which require no skill. The same applies for the cheap web developers who create 10 pages for $299. But as the old saying goes, you get what you pay for.

At Digital Noir, we custom make every single website. We’re not in the game of slinging cheap templates and we work with our clients to find the best option to help boost their business. And we make sure they have fun during the process!

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Our Team Works With You – Web Design Adelaide

Design is just one part of creating a website. Before we put pen to paper (or mouse to desk), we’ll sit down with you and get to know you. We want to get to know as much as possible. This gives us a platform to begin tailoring a solution that’ll fit better than a Saville Row. Think speed dating for business, but without the time constraint.

Our aim is to build relationships with every person who walks through our doors. We prefer look at the companies we work with as partners, rather than clients. This means we’re invested in your success. Why? Because somewhere along the way, people forgot that business relationships should be fun too.

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WordPress + Technical Jazz – Web Design Adelaide

Tools of the trade

Like a writer needs his pen or a surgeon needs his scalpel, web designers need WordPress. Every one of our small business websites comes complete with a fully integrated custom, WordPress backend. For an in-depth look at what this can mean for your website, contact us.

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