Can she have it all?


BY Rachael Pearson


1 September 2017

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Work. University. Relationships. Notice how they’re separated by full stops and not commas? It’s no accident.

I promise I won’t bring out my violins and make this a super depressing tale of how hard life can be but I just want to ask the question, does anyone think they ‘have it all’? If you do, please contact me immediately and teach me your ways!
Since graduating those long 3 years ago I’ve tried so many different variations and degrees of those 3 aspects it’s crazy. Let’s go through some of them.

50% University + 30% Relationship + 20% Work

This is how it all started for me. I was uni-ing 5 days a week, working 3hrs a week and fitting family and my partner in inbetween. This worked for a while but surprisingly enough, working about 3.5hrs a week while having a love for food and clothes doesn’t make one very ‘cashed up’ and I struggled to make ends meet – having to buy textbooks were like taking bullets, $800 bullets.

70% Work + 15% Relationships + 15% University

This wasn’t a fun one… I managed to get myself a reception gig in a medical clinic which was super exciting, until the reception role turned into a personal assistant role and I found my whole life revolved around work. I actually struggled so much with uni that I dropped out for 6 months – something I never, EVER, thought I would do. I was so stressed out from work that all of my relationships suffered because I walked around on such a short fuse.

Now, after getting into my dream degree and working in my dream job I’m trying something new!

The 33.33% Work + 33.33% University + 33.33% Relationships mix. So far it’s been a bit rocky but so far it’s sticking. University is great – people should really advertise the benefits of part-time study more! Work is awesome (I’m not a kiss ass I swear), and relationships are getting better, plus I’m even finding time to hang out with friends on a Friday night!

There aren’t any guarantees that I will continue to feel like this, the old cliche ‘feeling like I’m walking on a tightrope’ could not be more accurate. So while things might be looking up for me, I know there are so many kids out there going through the exact same thing and I just want to shout from rooftops that everything will be okay!

If you ever have or still do feel this way and want to chat about it, chuck me a message! I promise I’ll do something clumsy that might make you feel a bit better even if it is just for a second.

Have a great day everyone, much love!


Rachael Pearson

Rach joined us to help out all things admin and organisation (making sure it's all done in perfectly colour-coded fashion). Always smiling, and happy to help, you will come across Rach on the end of the phone or see her in our daily Instagram stories (or find her downstairs trying to steal the office pup).