Digital agencies’ social media – Our top 5

BY Rachael Pearson


8 June 2017

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Sussing out the competition? More like admiring others handiwork! We love social media here at Digital Noir, it’s an awesome tool for people and businesses. This week I took a deeper look into some of the other digital agencies that are buzzing around in Australia on Facebook and Instagram and had to give them a mention. Prepare yourselves for my Top 5!

Number 1: Love + Money .         

Who? Victorian based design agency working across web and in start-ups.

Why do we love? Their Insta and Facebook is full of fun vectors and graphics, funny pics from movies and relatable quotes! Fun, fun, fun and a really good example of the sort of work they produce. If you’re looking for a bright space, Love + Money are it!

Number 2: Birdbrain Digital .       

Who? Digital design and marketing agency from Perth working in web, app and E-Commerce development and design.

Why do we love? From the first glance at any of their social platforms the first thought I had was ‘Wow, it feels like I already know all of them!’. They introduce all staff so you know who you’ll be working with, and include lots of fun images of the work they do – both the finished product and the process.


Number 3: Frank Digital .    

Who? Digital design agency with offices in Sydney and Melbourne focussed on providing beautiful digital experiences.

Why do we love? AESTHETIC! Their Insta and Facebook pages are so beautiful! A lot of their images focus on the work they are undertaking with lots of images of the design process plus, the images of their notes are absolute GOALS!


Number 4: Carter Digital .    

Who? A design, customer and user experience digital agency based in Victoria that follows the mantra “Humanity. Creativity. Purpose.”

Why do we love? Their Insta is full of images of the team working together, involving lots of sticky notes (I really love sticky notes!) while their Facebook page features links to awesome articles all revolving around the most important factor, DESIGN! Super interesting, plus how genius is this tagline – “Digital HTTPsters”?!


Number 5: Emote Digital .   

Who? Melbourne based design, development and digital marketing whizzes.

Why do we love? Okay so I’m a sucker for consistency and the guys over at Emote must be too because their Insta and Facebook both are a perfectionist’s dream. Fun team pics with a touch of inspirational messages all with the same font and a touch of gold! I could spend ages just flicking through all their posts!



So these are the guys I feel most deserve the title of ‘Coolest Social Media Digital Agency Users Ever!’ or CSMDAUE for short. Marketing via social media can be a tricky thing to master but lucky for us we’re in an industry that makes it all a little easier. These five guys make it seem like an absolute breeze and they deserve all the praise.

Thanks everyone for tuning in for another of Rach’s Top 5 and as always, don’t forget to check out our Facebook and Instagram too!

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