How to crack that 50K step challenge

BY Rachael Pearson


8 September 2017

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Phew! I am super puffed out and no, it’s not just because I am incredibly unfit – which I am though, insanely unfit. It’s because we’ve just come off a super challenge with our Fitbits.

If you haven’t been keeping up with previous blogs, the Instagram posts and stories (for shame!) I’ll do another quick summation.

  • DN supplied the team with Fitbits
  • We all do Fitbit challenge
  • Yay for steps!

The challenge has taken a bit of a hit since the first week, so Sam decided to ‘step’ it up a notch. We ALL had to do 50,000 steps (steps, not kilometres) in one week and we would be treated to a free lunch. The week came and went and although I struggled a tonne, way more than I should’ve, everyone made it. So Sam took it to the next level and it became ‘double or nothing’. Cue *sigh*, gosh it’s almost like he wants me to get out and do something healthy!

That week came and went, but Nick fluffed up losing by 400 steps! In punishment he now has to do 85,000 steps this week and the rest of us need to repeat the 50,000 to win the free meal.

I never thought I would say it, and most kids from my primary and high school will say it’s abnormal behaviour, but I am kind of loving the excuse to get out and do things. For most of the guys here, it’s easy cracking that 10K a day, for me, I really have to work on it. So just for everyone’s laughter, here are some of the genius ways I have been using to get my steps up.

Getting some laps

Yep, boring boring but whenever I get that reminder to move I go and do 2 laps of the building which may or may not result in me grabbing a coffee or patting Pinot. Counterproductive? Potentially. Do I care? Not even a little.

University days

Uni on a Monday is honestly my saving grace. I use my partner as an excuse to travel a couple of times between the Adelaide Uni and City West campuses and when that includes shopping along Rundle Mall, my bank account might complain, but the Fitbit definitely doesn’t. It also gives me that much needed head start over 10,000 that helps with some of my slower days.


What else? Ryan’s (introducing his name because I’m sick of typing ‘my partner’ all the time) dog is a nut-case and needs about 3 walks a day or household items beware, so I take him for a couple of trips around the block (again, I am NOT a kiss-ass). My dog is a different story. He is an embarrassment to walk, pulling and trying to commit hari-kari by jumping on roads, instead I chase him around the yard. Not even joking, the first week I was 1,500 steps short so at 11:30pm I proceeded to run around my backyard with him. He LOVES chasey so it’s a win for him, and I love not being the one that lets the team down!

Weird? Definitely but they work for me and boy am I excited for that free lunch!

Keep stepping peeps. Rach and her sore feet out!

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