How to recover from a tough day at work

BY Matt Vincenzino

{Digital Strategist / UX & UI Designer}

15 November 2017

Reading Time: 2 minutes

So, it’s nearing the end of the day, your boss is bombarding you with crazy amounts of work with an unrealistic deadline (not my boss, my boss is the best), and that annoying client that complains about everything won’t leave you alone (not you, you are great!). All you want to do is go home, kick off your shoes and see your loved ones.

To some, their loved ones might be their partner, child or even a bottle of red wine. But for me, there is one thing that makes life a little easier to deal with after a hard day at work.

What helps Matt get through those tough days you might ask? His family or his wife? Surely one of them, or maybe his lifelong friends. Nope, you would be wrong. Why don’t you click on the image below to find out…

Go on, click the image!!!

Yup that’s right, that little white ball of fluff, my princess, Akira. So, instead of drinking away your problems after work, or seeing your family, who after 5 minutes of spending time with you probably want to strangle, why not do as I have and get yourself a loyal, doting companion.

But why would I even want a dog, the negative Nancie’s of the world might be saying? Well here are my top 5 reasons why a dog is better than a person:

  1. A dog won’t judge you on how you look
  2. A dog is always happy to see you
  3. A dog will give you unconditional love for their entire life
  4. A dog knows when you’re sad and will try and comfort you
  5. A dog is very loyal

So, why not go out right now and buy or even better yet, adopt a beautiful new companion. It will be one of the greatest things you will do.

I hope you enjoyed my little piece of advice on how to deal with a rough day at work.

Stay tuned for more of Matt’s life tips!

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