How we helped the Katherine West Health Board shine online.


Design and develop an informative website that appeals to prospective staff, volunteers and funding bodies while also making health resources easily accesible to all people in the Katherine West region.


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What is the Katherine West Health Board?

The Katherine West Health Board (KWHB) Aboriginal Corporation is an Aboriginal Community Controlled Health Organisation providing clinical, preventative and emergency health services across the remote western region of Katherine in the Northern Territory.

KWHB staff frequently travel and work in remote communities of the Northern Territory, and strong digital connections are important to ensure they can communicate with colleagues and access key information they need in order to perform their work at a high level.

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*Ease* of use

The new website needed to be easily accessible and intuitive to use so that even people in remote areas with low internet quality and scarce access to technology could get the information they needed from KWHB.

We created a website with alert pop-up functionality, search functionality and optimised images for faster load times.

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A Custom Wordpress CMS

Our Developers are experts in building flexible custom WordPress frontends. We strive to make every one of our websites easy and intuitive to update and customise.

The Katherine West team will have no trouble adding pages, resources and blog posts to their new website.

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Thank you! I am receiving an overwhelming amount of positive feedback from our staff far and wide, so I can’t really thank you, Haydon and the DN team enough for the finished product.

Siobhan Tootell / KWHB
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*Responsive* on any device

As with all our work, we made sure that this website passed readability standards and is responsive on any device.

Mobile users are usually looking for a quick way to get in touch, rather than browsing the website as a desktop user might. The mobile design reflects this by hiding the inner pages away in a menu and making the ‘contact’ button prominent.

Don't just take our word for it

Have a look at the new Katherine West Health Board website for yourself!


If you have a digital problem that you need help to solve, let us know! We’ll be back in touch for a chat soon.