An online facelift for Unley and Northpark shopping centres

The Goal

JLL Real Estate came to us with an interesting project. They wanted us to create two unique websites for Unley and Northpark shopping centres, but they also had to share the same structural layout to increase turnaround speed and keep to a budget.

If we created two websites with the same layout and structure, how did we make them look different?

Step 1: Sitemap

Before we could figure out how to make these two websites look different, we had to decide on the structure of the sites. We worked with Sarah, marketing coordinator at JLL, to create a sitemap which helped us understand what content had to be shown, and which parts could be repeated.

Because this workshop was held during the COVID-19 social distancing period, we used InVision Freehand to collaborate.

Step 2: Wireframes

Once we laid out where our content was going, we began to draw up some rough wireframes with Sarah. This is where we dictated layout and functionality, and also gave Sarah an idea of how the website would be structured once completed.

Step 3: Design

Now that we knew where everything was going and how it was going to be laid out, it was finally time for the exciting bit! We created the basic page layouts for each website using Adobe Xd, and then used different colours, opacity levels, image treatments and typefaces to give each site it’s own unique personality.

The final result

Two striking websites. Unique in their own right while sharing the same structural layout.



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