Scaling Snapchat

BY Suzanne Nguyen

{Guest Blog Writer}

22 February 2017

Reading Time: < 1 minute


“Why are online courses so hot right now?”

“Because they are the new business card.”

One of the main reasons I created a course is to scale the knowledge I had about Snapchat in relation to marketing and business, and share it with others who want to build a strong and engaging personal brand.

It came to a point where people asked me the same questions over and over again, and before I jumped into the deep-end I checked – there are less than 10 courses in the world on how to use Snapchat. Even then, some didn’t focus on the following:
• How to use it as a marketing tool
• How to use it for business
• How to leverage your community and make them your super-fans
• How to treat Snapchat like an interactive channel
• The emoji playbook – which allows Snappers to push traffic and strengthen communities


It was worth investing a week of my time and pushing it out quickly. Just some background, I went and worked along with The Course Whisperers, a company that specialises in creating courses, and they helped me to create an awesome course from start to finish. The added bonus was that I went to Thailand to make it happen, which cut the cost of overheads and put me in a place of incredible focus.


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