Startups Should Have an Android App

BY Mandy Pawley


18 November 2020

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Why Start Ups Should Have an Android App

Android users download as many as 1.5 billion applications per month. Since Android has billions of users worldwide, the potential for increasing your business’ reach and improving your revenue is staggering. Through your app, you could reach more market segments when you focus on Android. Mobile application development adds significant revenue to your business, here are just some of the ways it can work for your business.

Why Start Ups Should Have an Android App

It lets you explore a broad market

When you have an app, you can target the billions of Android users in various countries. Even a small percentage of that market is enough to gain back your investment in an app. Converting just one per cent or even 0.1 per cent results in plenty of growth for your brand, and you are not limited to specific demographics. There are Android smartphone users of all ages, with varying interests, affiliations and preferences, which creates the potential to develop a whole suite of apps for different groups.

Android mobile app usage is huge

Mobile apps are shaping the future of technology. Mobile apps have overtaken desktop convention and they play an essential role in our daily lives. Users of mobile devices are constantly looking for innovative ways or apps to fulfil their needs and requirements. Having an Android app for your start up business gives you the edge over competitors who may not have an app. Statistically it has been found that people are spending more time on mobile apps than on web apps.

Android mobile app usage is huge

Cost effectiveness

Many start ups may find that there is a cost factor to consider when deciding on avenues of digital marketing. The good news is that the license fee and annual renewal fee for Google Play Store is lower compared to iOS systems. You will generally find that the investment a start up needs to make to create the Android mobile app will have a greater chance of being recouped quickly and even make a profit.

Apps have effective distribution channels

You can use your preferred app store to select channels and prioritise specific demographics. Apart from Google’s Play Store, you might also want to consider alternative distribution channels like the Huawei App Gallery, the Amazon App Store, and the Samsung Galaxy Store, among many others. To figure out the best apps to use for your business, consult an Android app development company near you.


It is an open and free platform

You don’t need to pay a registration fee to get on the Google Play Store. It is free and open to all. Android SDK’s underlying structures are open-source, and it allows you to update the app with more features and improvements to keep people subscribed and updating. The Android Open Source Project lets you create more than just apps. Through this code, you can customise content providers, audio managers, and so much more.


If you are looking at having a significant chunk of any competitive market, then having an Android app is a sure way to get there. Android dominates more than 75 per cent of the market, and Android app development lets users connect to your brand in a way that they may not be able to on your website or through social media. To build a strong digital presence today, you cannot just rely on being visible online, you have to start building relationships with customers off your site and socials.


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