Using Apps in Adelaide for your Business

BY Scott Bryant

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15 September 2015

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Using Business Apps in Adelaide

You’ve heard it all before, haven’t you? You’ve got to stay up to date with technology, otherwise your business will fall behind.” This is often quipped by a young IT pro with no experience dealing in your craft. He or she wasn’t developing much more than a Lego house when you learned about business practice. The fact is,  many businesses in 2015 do quite well off the radar in the advent of technology. One of the most critical components for many businesses is word of mouth, as a recommendation from a friend or family member is the most trusted review you can get. It’s how we work at Digital Noir here, too.
So, aside from old fashioned service and good recommendations,  what else can a company do to engage their customers more? Before I explain, check the numbers!

Three quarters of Australian people own a Smartphone

Each user holds an average of 25 apps per device. Aussies aren’t turning them off either, with over 70% keeping them on- all the time.

The vast majority of Aussies now use their mobile phones as research devices

They’ll pull their phone out of their pockets to check out their next purchase, whether it’s a product, a place to dine or a service to book.

It’s not just kids using their portable devices

In fact, people over the age of 67 have shown the highest increase in tablet purchases. Given the enormous percentage of Australians joined at the hip with technology, it isn’t a stretch to concede that there are ways of getting your message in front of them through that device. Business apps can help you stay in touch with your most important asset, your customers, by staying in the forefront of their minds on their favourite device. They certainly can make your business more money and save you time. This is true for the smallest of family businesses with minimum budget for marketing, and multi franchise enterprises spending thousands per week!

Business Apps Adelaide

We’ve compiled a list of businesses and organisations in Adelaide which have utilised apps to help grow, organise or solve a problem within their business.

Apps for Sport Clubs

First up, it’s a showdown between Port Adelaide and the Crows. Well, a showdown between their apps, that is. It’s that time of year where tensions are high and cars have so much footy decoration it becomes a road hazard. You can see a faint haze of blue, yellow and red from the space station at the moment.

Both the Crows and the Power utilise their team apps to keep their Adelaide fans connected, providing them with live scores, video on demand and stats. They’re both quite comprehensive really. More importantly for the clubs is the ability to book tickets and promote offers and merchandise  to their fan base.

With footy clubs under pressure to recruit more members, the app gives fans a deeper sense of control. All of my mates are couch coaches of their respective teams, and the iPad apps give them all the insight they need to continue the banter at the pub.

Apps for Pubs

The Wheatsheaf hotel has a cool little simple app incorporating push notifications to alert customers when specials are coming up. There’s info on bands and art, along with the latest beers on tap.

Apps for Registration

EZY Reg was first introduced to me by a savvy police officer years ago. She let me off with a warning provided I install the app and renew my registration. Simple, easy to use, and remembers your credentials. Couldn’t be easier.

Apps for Restaurants

Burger Theory have a super clean app which tracks the burger truck with a compass and google maps. It’s a really easy to use app which engages the customer and promotes a fun attitude toward the company. There are plenty of more informative apps for restaurants, with menus and a host of other information, it’s up to the restaurant to decide how much information to include within the app.

Apps for University

The student app from the Adelaide Uni allows students to track their timetable and get directions to their next tutorial. It receives good reviews from its users.

Apps for Schools, Adelaide

Christian Brothers College uses an app to communicate with parents about sports events, with maps and push notifications. Many Adelaide schools have ‘apps’ which fundamentally look the same, and can easily be confused on the app store. What I liked about the Adelaide CBC app is that it was made by an School App Development company, but retains the CBC branding. It’s pretty simple, too. Parents of teenagers are savvier than ever now, and look for originality and professionalism when deciding on their new school. A well designed uniform, website, schoolyard and if done right, a school app instills trust and confidence within the brand.

Many companies have apps built for them to use internally within the business, such as a customized sales app for an organisation, or a “design app” for construction. Many of our clients develop apps under their own brand to solve a particular problem, such as the Merci App. There are endless possibilities developing apps for small business.

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