5 easy ways to make your website more effective


BY Nick Bozic

{Lead UI/UX Designer}

31 July 2019

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There are a lot of websites out there and that means a lot of digital noise. Your website needs to be cutting through and working for you, not the other way around! It needs to connect to your users, hard and fast. Here are 5 things your website needs to do.

1. Clearly and Simply State What You Do

People are time-poor, I’m sure you hear that often from your family, friends and colleagues. It’s tempting to show everything and over-explain what you do, but don’t make your customers work too hard. They should know precisely what you are offering them within the first 3 seconds of landing on your website. Keep it short, clear and concise. Mailchimp does this very well below.

2. Connect with Your Customer’s Problem

You need to show your customers why they need you. The easiest way to do that is to appeal to their problems. They need to feel that if they don’t buy your product or service, they will be missing out on something. RAA does this very well with their Road Service, they clearly illustrate the issues their potential customers face when their car breaks down.

3. Don’t Ask For Too Much Information

Again, people are busy. Don’t ask for information that isn’t crucial in your online forms, you want to make the experience as quick and as smooth as possible. One extra form field might be one too many for some people. For example, don’t ask for a home address if it isn’t absolutely necessary for your marketing campaign.

4. Ask Your Customers To Take Action

Visitors need to know exactly what you want them to do, so this should be super-clear at all times. It should be the most obvious element on your website – it should POP! The copy you use on your CTA needs to prompt immediate action, for example ‘Get a Quote’, ‘Buy Now’ or ‘Sign Up Now’.

5. Use Data To Drive Your Website

In order to make informed decisions, you need data. By looking at your website’s analytical data you can uncover the truth about customer behaviour, identify patterns, and analyse these to help plan what changes might be needed to optimise your website. Using tools like Hotjar and Google Analytics, you can find the right answers to questions like ‘Can your customer easily find what they are looking for?’ or ‘Are the actions you’re asking your customers to take effective?’.



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