13 February 2021

Design is 90% Communication – 10% Work

W/ Alastair Simpson

In this episode, you can find some incredible insights into Design Thinking, Leading teams, User Experience Design and Mentorship.

Alastair Simpson is a leader and mentor, serving as VP of Design at Dropbox. He loves working with multi-disciplinary teams to solve complex business and interaction design challenges. When we spoke to him, he was head of design at Atlassian, leading a cross-geo design team across a portfolio of their cloud Products and Platforms; Trello, Confluence, Platform, Design System, Ecosystem and Growth. He hails from the UK but has spent time living and working in Australia and Sydney and is a passionate advocate for design becoming more central to modern business. He has helped many teams see its benefits and transition to leaner approaches to product development.

Thanks to Pausefest for making this chat possible and we hope you enjoy it!


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