19 November 2020

Rapping Your Way To Team Happiness And Success

W/ Miles Orkin

I had such a fun time talking with Miles Orkin. Miles is a UX lead at Google and spends a lot of his time thinking about how he can empower teams. Miles started his career writing for Thrasher magazine (which basically makes him my hero!) I am really interested in the thread between a youth spent in music and sports, like skateboarding that have a high degree of autonomy, and a DIY community ethic and successful business leaders. I had a great chat with Matt Minear from BAD last year on this topic, and I know that personally for me, skateboarding taught me many of the skills I use as a leader today.

I can’t teach you how to skate – only the pavement can teach you how to skate

Miles had some fantastic insights into how to create an environment in your workplace, that is geared towards maximum happiness and success from teams. We touched on:

  • Building a psychologically safe workplace
  • Allowing people to fail
  • Learning in the boardroom
  • How FUN is one of the key ingredients in work
  • Sub Cultures at work
  • UX RAPS!

I really enjoyed this one, thanks to Miles and Pausefest for making this chat possible and we hope you enjoy it!

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