Best Australian beers to impress the crew at Friday arvo knock-offs


BY Haydon Macleod


15 February 2021

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Mel, Nick and I have been trying to start up a bit of a beer club where we order and split a case beer we haven’t tried before. Nick can’t handle much alcohol and Mel is in quarantine which has left me with nothing to drink and nobody to drink with. While I wait for Mel to return and for Nick to grow up, I thought I would make a list of my favourite beers to lift my spirits!

Here are 7 beers that are sure to impress your co-workers at Friday arvo knock-offs (Unless you work with Nigel who only drinks Crown lager and thinks a Corona with lime is akin to a cocktail).

The Piper West Coast IPA

Prancing Pony Brewery, Totness SA 7.2%

Malty, hoppy, fruity and smooth, but most importantly it’s very alcoholic.

Golden Stout Time

Big Shed Brewing Concern, Royal Park SA 6.0%

A sweeter dark beer that literally tastes like a Golden Gaytime ice cream. Best enjoyed on tap at the Big Shed Brewery on one of their quiz nights.

Feral Hop Hog

Feral Brewing Company, Baskerville WA 5.8%

Super savoury and a little fruity. Apparently this goes pretty well with burgers but I prefer to drink on an empty stomach.

Summer Ale

Mountain Goat Beer, Richmond VIC 4.7%

The beer that first got me into beers! Perfect for a spicy summer day.

Acai & Passionfruit Sour

Pirate Life Brewing, Port Adelaide SA 3.5%

My favourite beer from my favourite brewery. It tastes like sour sherbert and all my friends hate it which means they don’t pinch them!

The Pinkening Hibiscus Session Sour

Little Bang Brewing Company, Stepney SA 3.0 %

We bought a case of this one with the boss’s credit card and we don’t regret it, he won’t be mad once he tastes it. A lighter, dry beer with a sour kick.

Mandarin Berliner Weisse

Mismatch Brewing Co, Hay Valley SA 3.0%

I’m really into sour beers at the moment and think it’s super neat that there is one made with mandarins. Nothing beats drinking one of these in the sun at the Exeter Hotel.

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