Case study: The Blush Girl Experience


BY Haydon Macleod


5 December 2019

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Blush Girl has been providing on-trend hair services to it’s clients for five years and counting. Opening in 2014, Blush Girl has strived to deliver the best possible salon experience at an affordable price. It is a place where stylists care about your hair!

The goal of this project was to create a website that allowed users to make a booking enquiry online, while also capturing Blush Girl’s funky brand personality and love of all things pink.

Stand out from the crowd

A question for you. How many salon websites do you remember?

Salons are a dime a dozen, so we needed to create something that would help Blush Girl shine amongst it’s many competitors. The pink colour palette, unique footer navigation and monotone imagery help Blush Girl’s website surpass the generic and expected, ensuring it will leave a lasting and unparalleled impression on its visitors.

The Blush Girl Experience

What makes a salon great? Is it a job well done? Is it a welcoming environment? Is it the stylists? I’m personally guilty of re-booking with a salon just because I liked how they made me feel, even if I didn’t necessarily love my haircut when I walked out. 

Blush Girl understands the importance of the human element, and this needed to be emphasised within their new website. This is why you can find a history of the salon, as well as an introduction to all the current stylists. You can even request specific stylists when making a booking enquiry! 

Mobile First

Users are browsing on their phones more than ever, so it was important to create a responsive design that was easy for users to navigate while also giving them all the information they needed at a glance. We made an effort to pay equal attention to desktop and mobile design, instead of treating mobile design as an afterthought, which I have been guilty of in the past.

No matter where you are on the site, the ‘Book’ button is prominent. This ensures users can easily begin a booking enquiry with one tap. 

A streamlined approach

We’ve recently changed our internal approach to smaller projects, allowing us to streamline our own processes and create unique web experiences within a smaller time frame and budget. Blush Girl took advantage of this service and has a great website to boot!

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