Delivering Meaningful Customer Experiences

BY Mandy Pawley


20 April 2021

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Why are meaningful customer experiences so important nowadays? What gives you the edge over your competitors? More than ever it is important to maintain good relationships with existing customers as well as find ways to gain the trust of new customers. Whether your customers are shopping in store or online, they will be looking for a good shopping experience. Many Aussies are consciously supporting local produce and businesses. In today’s times your brand awareness and visibility are essential as well as the ability to adapt, whether it be increasing or starting an e-commerce store or providing safe, quality service and meaningful customer experiences in-store.


Digital marketing

One way to ensure that you offer meaningful customer experiences is by ensuring that your digital marketing is reflecting what you may be offering in store.  A sure-fire example of when a customer will abandon a cart is if an advertised discount is not offered or accounted for when making a purchase at checkout point. The retailer has not personalised the online experience and this leaves consumers feeling frustrated.

Be aware of all discounts you are offering daily, as well as consumers being able to easily have access to using their ‘rewards’, which have become so popular..

Seamless touch points

Meaningful customer experiences online can be defined by the website being easy to navigate, fast, informative with seamless touch points. Touch points can be identified as the way a customer interacts with a business, whether it is in person or online. The object should be to use technology to create touch points that add value to a site and drive the customer to make an easy and fast purchase decision.


Using first party data (data and details which a business collects about its customers) to re-target and inform your existing customers about specials, sales or new products is a great way to create meaningful customer experiences. This is a good personalisation technique which is easy for most businesses to implement with significant results.

Just placing a customer’s name in an email is not enough, it’s all about removing any friction from their experience and that can be based on their previous experience and interaction with your brand. Havas CX (a global customer experience network) have stated that 65% of prosumers (a combination of the words ‘producer’ and ‘consumer’ signifies consumers who help in the design and creation of products by demand, prosumers want great service from people who know what they are talking about) and 47% mainstream consumers would like recommendations based on their past purchases. 88% of prosumers and 75% of mainstream consumers would like brands to reward their loyalty with promotions and special prices.


It is really important to keep in mind that at all times customers’ privacy of data and details is essential. According to a survey done by Boston Consulting Group, customers are more willing to share their personal and payment details if the brand is deemed to be trustworthy and for facilitating easier and faster purchasing and paying procedures.



Some consumers want to be able to easily connect to a human when online shopping. Whether this is through video or chat interaction, the option should be available for ensuring more meaningful customer experiences. 91% of prosumers and 84% of mainstream consumers are more likely to purchase a brand online which offers a free returns policy. This is a great way to encourage e-commerce as returns can be a negative to online shopping for many people!


One way to drive sales and create meaningful customer experiences is by encouraging feedback, whether that be comments or reviews. Always respond to the comments or reviews and if improvements to service is required, let your customers know that real changes and improvements are being implemented.

Lead the Way!

Our shopping behaviours have definitely changed since the start of the pandemic and will continue to evolve. Your brand and business require adaptability and innovation to move with the times. With strategic planning, Digital Noir has the knowledge and ability to rescue your business from digital decay.  Going above and beyond your customers’ expectations in-store and online will drive your brand up and beyond your competitors ensuring that you are the leader in your game.

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