Does Offline Marketing Affect Online Website Traffic?

BY Mandy Pawley


12 June 2021

Reading Time: 3 minutes

What did we do to market our business before the advent of digital marketing? Can you remember? It sounds incredible but many of those same marketing practices are still relevant today. If your offline marketing is used in conjunction with your digital marketing strategies, it will affect your online website traffic positively and drive more people to your site. Great marketing ideas with positive results, that’s what your business needs. Let’s dive in and talk about a few ideas on how offline marketing can affect your online website traffic positively.

Give a gift

Who doesn’t love a giveaway? Something freely given to us makes an impact, especially if it happens to be something useful. Samples of a product can be highly effective in promoting a brand. Obviously, samples are dependent on the type of product you are selling, but if samples are not suitable to your product eg. If you are selling clothing, produce a promotional item that will be useful for example a keyring or a pack of tissues. Elevate the credibility of your product by letting consumers experience it firsthand.
The vital ingredient of successful promotional items to boost your website is to have your web address loud and proud on the item, as well as your business name and phone number.

Make an impression with sponsorships

Being a sponsor of an event can make a huge impression on the public. What a good way to get your brand up in lights and always make sure your company name and web address stand out. Whether it’s a sporting or music event or a sponsorship for a non-profit organisation that you’re involved with, getting to impress the local community or broader audience with a well presented brand is a chance not to be missed. The benefits can be huge and truly make a difference to your bottom line. It is a great vehicle to amplify the reach of your brand.

Make an impression with sponsorships

Throw a launch party

Splash out! Getting a group of people together to launch a new product or business is a surefire way to get tongues wagging and people more interested in your brand. With the right people invited, the brand displayed, featured or discussed correctly and once the venue, food and drink are sorted, sit back and watch the magic happen. Your site is sure to get more traffic and conversions from an event.

Modern buyer behaviour

If it means creating an ad, whether printed or visual, with a famous or well known character to endorse your brand, the spinoffs can be insane. Modern buying behaviour is extremely valuable when planning your marketing strategies. What is a consumer going to associate with your brand? Whether it’s what we wear, eat, drink or do we are influenced by the media in one way or another. Understanding your consumers’ buying behaviour and the psychology behind their decisions will go far in assisting with marketing strategies to push the end result of more online conversions.

Blank billboards onto the bus station

Billboards, TV, radio and the power of print

We make decisions constantly, so the more we see or hear about a brand, the more familiar we become with it. Our shopping decisions are influenced by various commercials on many platforms.
Advertising in the form of TV commercials and radio ads is still widely supported as being a major influence in building brand awareness. Printed brochures, leaflets and business cards are the solid foundations on which to build your brand, always informing and guiding your audience to your website. This is a great way to create the colours, logos and look by which you would like your brand to be perceived. Billboards are the best way to grab the attention of motorists while driving. According to Billboards Australia, 74% of Australians see billboards every day and 88% say brands on billboards stand out. That’s a good indication that billboard advertising can have a positive effect.


If competition is stiff, up your game. Your marketing strategy should include some form of offline engagement to generate awareness. The aim is to get your click through rates up and increase the number of people you reach through offline marketing and advertising. For successful digital awareness, pay as much attention to offline advertising as you do to online advertising.
Be smart and integrate both online and offline marketing tactics. Forming in-person connections with your brand in an ever increasing digital world is vital for pushing the ceiling on click throughs.
Digital Noir will guide you with new ideas and set the trend for marketing in your industry. We understand the importance of human connection and how to build authenticity and credibility for a brand.

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