Getting the most out of QR codes

BY Uzair Masood


18 April 2016

Reading Time: 2 minutes

Most of us have been using a Quick Response {QR} code in various forms and shapes for more than a decade and a half now. In my personal opinion in terms of functionality I have always found it very handy and valuable, but visually in its original form, it’s looked boring and unpleasant.

Until recently when websites like https://www.unitag.io/qrcode, http://qr.snipp.com/ and many others provided tools and techniques to make the old and ugly QR look pretty cool. All these websites use the same “Error Correction” phenomena. By deffault they were developed with intentional error correction buffers. The higher the buffer the more luxury you get to apply intentional and controlled distortion **awesome designs** on the original QR Code.

If the only requirement is to design a one-off QR code and distribute it, these websites work wonders. But sometimes that’s not the case. For example, in one of the projects I was doing recently I was presented with a requirement of generating fancy QRs dynamically using PHP. It looked like a hectic task but it wasn’t too bad once I understood the basic concept. I generated the required QR code using the default PHP library.

By the way, a default QR code does not always have to be black. You can choose your default colour for the QR code generation.

Get your awesome designer to design an overlay with similar dimensions to the size of QR and transparent background. Feel free to add your company logo in the middle of the overlay as well.

Once the overlay is ready, use Magick utility for PHP to merge and you will get an amazingly fancy QR code.

This is now becoming one of the most convenient ways of sharing relatively smaller sized information, like contact information etc. Snap Chat and Facebook are already using similar concepts with their “Snap codes” and “Messenger Codes” by making information sharing fancier which used to be a tedious task before.

If you need more information on how you can make your dynamic QR Codes look more exciting, contact us by scanning any of the above custom made QR Codes by us.

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