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BY Nick Bozic

{Lead UI/UX Designer}

15 September 2015

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I’ve used an Apple TV for many years. Being able to push a video from my iPad or iPhone to the big screen was so convenient with Airplay. Now, with Netflix and Stan streaming more movies and tv shows than I can watch, I’m using it now more than ever.

Last week, Apple announced its long awaited fourth generation Apple TV with a new operating system, integration voice control through Siri, Wii-like motion remote control for games, and most importantly an App Store.

Spearheaded by Netflix, Stan and Presto, people are now spending more time in front of the telly watching entertainment. Now with the introduction of the new Apple TV, you’ll be able to do more than that. As showcased at Apple’s September Event, the app revolution is now on your tv, you’ll be able to shop for clothes straight from your couch, getting the girls together to shop for that wedding dress. Look for Airbnb places to stay, on the big screen. Launch meditation or yoga apps on your TV to start your day fresh. In my opinion buying things on your TV can be a real game changer, a rich shopping experience on a big screen from home making it dangerously more convenient and easy. No more Ginsu knives purchases at 1am!

With all these apps hitting the Apple TV App Store, it got me thinking of some potential app idea that would serve well on a telly. A voice controlled game where you yell out answers like a game show? A game where a person stands with their back to TV and others gives him clues of what’s behind him? Educational apps which schools and universities can use in lectures? Ordering food which mouth watering meal images in front of the telly together as a family?

Do you have any ideas?

Let us know at Digital Noir and maybe we can help you bring it to life.

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Nick Bozic

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