Home Alone: Frankie on the joy of working over Christmas


BY Frankie Ventz

{Blog Writer}

8 January 2018

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Can I be Frank?

Christmas is just an excuse to spend lots of money, drink beer, put on 12 kilos and stop going to work. What happened to recognising the birth of Jesus and all that? We all become absolute idiots, running around shops, bumping into each other, cutting each other off on the roads, more running around shops when the sales time comes and then there’s MORE drinking on New Year’s Eve! Don’t forget the horrible Christmas music… It’s chaotic, expensive and confusing and I LOVE IT!

This Christmas and New Year I got work done.


Since we moved offices, I’ve been moved from the murder room under the stairs to a service elevator in a questionable condition. I ventured out the other day when I stopped hearing so much noise. I’m not sure how long I was asleep for. It could have been months! So, I came out to find only Prasetyo and Tess working quietly in the dark. I like them ‘cause they like the darkness too. The other lazy team members were off having holidays, parties and drinking beer. I was clever enough to wait until after the Christmas music was gone. Back to my heavy metal playlists, my happy place. Sam wasn’t here distracting me, no sound of anyone chatting away on the phone. Peace and quiet for days.


The phone didn’t even ring once! All clients were on holiday – hooray! I didn’t have to talk to anyone.


I emptied my inbox, cleared my to-do list, ate the Christmas leftovers in the fridge, archived old project folders and wore whatever I wanted.


It was bliss, but only for a moment. The phone rings. There’s movement in the building. I hear someone coming…

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Frankie Ventz

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