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11 September 2018

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The alarm buzzes. Time to get of bed on this cold winter morning and put the runners on. Pretend to be a conscious runner for the next 40 minutes of my life, although the reality is that I just love junk food and don’t want to stop eating it.

Oh yes! Who doesn’t love that freezing cold breeze in your face while it’s still dark out there? Not even a single bird whistling at this time, but I think I know why. It’s 5:20 am. Oh sweet! It just started to rain.

Back at home, the routine starts. A hot shower, grooming in front of the mirror (most of the days I’d skip this though), dress up, grab that flavourless pasta that I cooked last night from the fridge, and run to catch the 7:50 am bus. Don’t want to be late for the 9:00 am team catch up.

On the bus, it’s the same old faces. The woman with the same fur coat as every morning, the council guy, the kids going to school, and that dude that I try to avoid at all cost because, after four months commuting on the same bus, I know he has gastro issues. Gross.

Already in town, it’s time to get those steps up and head into the office. People in the office are weird, and they do that weekly Fitbit challenge. They have tried so hard to drag me in but I resist. I don’t like wrist wearables. What they don’t know though, is that I keep track of my steps with another device. They don’t like it? Who cares.

The streets are cold and wet and it has started to rain…again. Hopefully, I won’t come across anyone from work on my way, as I would like to listen to the last episode of the Freakonomics podcast.

A quick coffee stop, I’m still on time. The old, bald man wearing a suit seems like is flirting with the barista. His mouth doesn’t stop and keeps distracting her from her job. Finally, I make my way to the counter:

Frankie: Can I grab a large latte?
Barista: Sure thing – $4.80 thank you.
Frankie: What? Yesterday it was $4.50!
Barista: I’m sorry, our prices changed as of this morning.

What else can I do? I’m already here…

I grab my coffee and resume the last leg of my walk. Everything is fine, the coffee is good and I can feel the caffeine is kicking in.

I’m here, just some stairs up, a right turn and all the way to the end of the corridor. I spit a pretty damp “Morning all” while walking towards my desk. Turn my computer on, look at the clock and it’s 9:06 am. Late…again.

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