29 February 2020

How To Make Impact With A Purpose


In this episode from _southstart I sat down with three incredible people: Adam McCurdie, Mark Reading and Sarah Gun. They were a part of a panel called “Social Impact: The Time is Now”, a really interesting discussion that dove into how we can align technology with humanity to tackle some of the most pressing issues that we face. We take a look into their worlds and what lies ahead for each of them.

Mark is Head of the Foundation and the Australian Lead for the Pledge 1% Foundation. This foundation encourages, inspires and assists companies to pledge 1% of either their equity, profit, time or products to a chosen cause.

Adam is the co-founder and director of Humanitix. A ticketing platform that allows events to make an impact as 100% of booking fees goes towards closing the education gap. They have programs helping girls go to school, scholarships available for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students, and give nutritious meals to kids who need it as well as educating them on the importance of a balanced diet for a healthy body and mind.

Sarah is the founder of GOGO Events, an Adelaide based company that employs those at risk of and facing homelessness. They run elaborate gala award nights, corporate celebrations, community festivals and more. They are also founding members of Carbon Neutral Adelaide, ensuring to take care of the planet by choosing local suppliers and producers.

This was such a great chat and really inspired me to want to do more. I have signed our team at Digital Noir up to Pledge 1% and everyone has really got on board with this and we’re having some great conversations about how we can donate our time and expertise. Watch this space!

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