‘Making it’ in NYC

BY Amanda Smith


20 February 2017

Reading Time: 2 minutes

You know the feeling… those love/hate relationships. That’s me and New York.

People either fall in love with the city or they can’t wait to get the next plane out. The millions of people. The non-stop energy. The personalities. The exuberant costs. The inequity.

Me? I’ve found a home here. I have no idea why, in a city of eight million, I’ve found meaning. New York has always been the place where people come to make their dreams happen. Anything you want to be or do, you can… here in NYC.

This city can be rough. It can beat you down with its harsh weather, competition, student loans, and tiny US $400/week studio apartments. Citywide, the median rent list price is $2,730 – that’s just over AU $3,500.

Embrace the chaos. It makes for good stories.

Making it in the big apple in your 20’s isn’t at all glamorous. You need a reason to be here. You need purpose. Know what you want and by God, let the city push you there.

Try not to take the lack of attention personally. It can feel like a lonely city, chasing your purpose alone. It’s easy to assume that people are rude. They’re not. They’re just focused on making their own things happen.

The city has this way of pushing you to your limits. Most people don’t have a plan B. When you want something enough, there’s no room for a second option. And that’s where the magic happens.

Now, back to the feeling of finding ‘home’ here. I think it’s that everyone is pushing themselves. There’s an urgent sense of identity. Any café you walk into, people are hustling. Right there, out in the open. Owners leave the Times on each table – reminding us of our purpose and educating us.

Creative projects, talents, and new businesses are being brought to fruition.

I’m constantly craving for more

No matter what’s going on, we continue to pay an absurd premium to toil and escape in New York City. That’s because deep down, more than any specific satisfaction or vice, we all crave possibility. Anything can happen here.

I’ve fallen in love with NYC, literally. The collision of cultures. The vast array of choices. The people, ‘rude’ and all. I feel a change – in my personality, my creativity, and my energy.

I honestly think it has to be one of the best places to spend a couple of years in your 20s: professionally, socially, culturally. Expect the most wonderful things to happen. Have a clear visualisation of what you want your life in New York City to look like, and keep making small strides toward the big goal.

I don’t know how long I’ll be here for. I’m just a lady in love. I should have seen it coming. I’ve always been attracted to big, creative personalities.

But with great loves, sometimes they’re not meant to be forever. But it is my now, and I’m happy.

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