Sick of speaking to the crowds? Use these 5 strategies instead.

BY Amanda Smith


15 August 2016

Reading Time: 3 minutes

Feel like you’re standing in a huge  room with hundreds of people trying to talk over each other? You’ve got a microphone but no one is hearing you.

Don’t worry. You’re not the only one. We’re all trying to be heard. Use these tips to getting your message out. We’re focusing on social mediabecause it’s simply one of the best ways to do it.

#1: Go deep, not broad

With social media, it’s better to master one or two channels than fluff about on half a dozen. Think about your channels in one of two ways: social platforms or social networking sites.

Social platforms allow you to show your credibility. Examples of this include YouTube and podcasting. People tune in to hear your insights and unique point of view.

Social networks, on the other hand, are where you connect with your followers. Think real world networking, but just online. You can do this on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+ and Instagram.

#2: Focus on the platforms your customers use

Don’t just guess this. Sometimes it’s hard to know where your customers hang out online, but it’s important you get this right. Building social media communities takes time, so you want to be focusing on the right channels. Find out where your customers are, and then nail down on them.

You can simply ask them which channels they like, use the search function in each channel to see if your business type is strong, or you can run a Google search.

#3: Reach out to the big guns

Whether you send them a message or they see your profile, it doesn’t matter. Connect with your influencers, because if they’re a big name, they’re going to be active on social media. Get on their radar to get greater visibility online.

Here’s how you can do it:

  • For every second piece of content you write, share it on social media. Make sure the content is relevant to your influencer’s target market. The content should be original and educational (this goes without saying). You could add a Call To Action, such as a product notice or a competition that’s unique to this piece of content. Share this content with your influencer, and see what bites you get.

#4: Following should be part of your every day

So you’re active on your two channels, but the fans ain’t coming to ya. It’s never a fun thing. What you need to do is search for relevant users, based on what they’re posting, and follow them.

Put your feet up and do some browsing to find relevant followers. Make this part of your every day social routine. Put aside 15 minutes per day for this.

#5: Create a content schedule  

The best way to be consistent on social media is by creating a system – one that’s streamlined and organised. From collecting your content all the way through to posting it, you’ll need a process.

Here’s how you can create a system for curating content:

  • Gather content, any useful, engaging content that your audience will find valuable
  • Collect it in one place, nothing worse than having notes all over the place (just ask most people here)
  • Look through all the stories and decide which best appeal to your audience. Remove the ones you don’t need.
  • Login to HootSuite & schedule your week’s posts.

You’ll save loads of time following this system.

Do what works for you. Trial and test different strategies. Our clients love Instagram, but that doesn’t mean yours will. Focus on the platform with the highest ROI, use social management tools, reuse old posts, share to all social accounts at once, and most importantly, engage.

If you need a hand with your social channels, get in touch with Digital Noir today.

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