Top 10 most downloaded iPhone apps of 2017


BY Nick Bozic

{Lead UI/UX Designer}

15 January 2018

Reading Time: < 1 minute

Uber – It always seems like they are in the headlines in a negative way but they’re definitely here to stay.


Spotify – We all need a bit of music in our lives!


Netflix – With more and more original content added and with more countries available, I expect this movie streaming giant to be higher in the list next year.


Google Maps – They are miles ahead of any map app on the market, this is no surprise.


Facebook – Hey, it’s Facebook.


Instagram – With better business support, Instagram is looking like its going to pay off big for facebook. Also Instagram is just cool.


Facebook Messenger – It just works better and faster than other chat apps I’ve used, #4 well earned.


Youtube – I watch youtube way too much…


Snapchat – This surprised me but it probably shouldn’t, it’s real time nature carves out a niche in the market like nothing else out there. The kids love it.


Bitmoji – This shocked me, hmmmm but everyone I know has used it at least once… makes sense I guess.

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Nick Bozic

Nick has a natural gift for visual design. He is particularly skilled in designing for mobile, having always been a keen tech user. He’s an easy going guy who loves to chat with clients…and is always ready to whip up a masterpiece.