Want to increase your efficiency by having regular breaks?!


BY Tess O'Callaghan

{Project Manager, Designer, Developer}

21 April 2016

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It seems a bit crazy at first. If you do the maths, you’re actually working for less time. 10 minutes taken out of every hour!

The idea is that you get the most out of your 25 minutes working and take a 5-minute break. Have a stretch, get some air, give yourself a little neck massage. You repeat this all day apart from your lunch break. 25, 5, 25, 5…….

It’s a bit hard to get into, but the first time I had a go, I got to the end of the day and couldn’t believe how much I achieved!

I did a little look around at what apps were available to time my Pomodoro time and came across FocusBooster

Focus Booster is a great, simple way to time your Pomodoros.

I use it just as a timer, telling me when to work and when to have a break, but it can do a lot more. You can track your time and get to a point where you are assigning time to projects for your clients via the app and can do your reporting through the Focus Booster website. Some businesses will plan out their day in these 25 minute Pomodoros. So, I might do 8 Pomodoros (4 hours) in the morning and then another 7 (3.5 hours) in the afternoon. Check it out – www.focusboosterapp.com

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