What to look for in a mobile app developer?

BY Mandy Pawley


25 February 2021

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Taking an app idea and making it a reality is a pivot for most businesses. You may have the best app ideas but may not know how to convert your app ideas into reality. It’s for this reason that the services of a mobile app developer will be required. Here are a couple of pointers to follow when looking for the right mobile app developer for your project.

Work with a budget

With approximately 3.5 million mobiles in use in 2020 and the number of users forever on the increase, the digital presence of your brand is important for the success of your business. Mobile apps are a very good way for a business to stay in touch with mobile users and to get more brand awareness.

With various mobile platforms available, for example iOS or Android, your cost and budget would need to be based on which platforms the app is being developed for. Obviously, an app developed across multiple platforms will cost more, but the exposure to users will be far wider. A basic mobile app will cost anything between $15000 to $50000 to develop. Engaging the services of an experienced mobile app developer is worth the investment, especially for the correct design and feel of the app to be achieved.



Having a mobile app development team that is professional is definitely a good idea for producing quality results that won’t waste your time or money. Although the investment may initially seem quite large, a professional company that specialises in app development will be able to design and manage the app project for you from start to finish and ensure a high-quality experience for your app users.

Managing a mobile app developer

Correct management of the project also plays an important role when selecting the best mobile app developer. Clear communication between yourself and the developer is vital. It would be advisable to create a written document outlining the requirements of the app, thereby ensuring that all requirements will be met. Platform-specific guidelines need to be taken into account when starting to develop the app and a strategic plan of action would be required, as well as a clear timeline. Once the app has been created, a testing mechanism to evaluate the usability of the app should be in place.

Experienced Developer


Without a question, it is advisable to choose a mobile app developer or team that is experienced in the field of app development, a company you can trust to design a quality app that won’t break and will be easy to use for your customers.

Avoid being too price sensitive

An experienced mobile app developer will work with you on ideas and ways to streamline the app and make the look and feel right for your type of business.  This requires expert advice and service.  Remember that in the long run you pay for what you get!  If you want the best professional advice and app development for your business to keep your brand on top of its game, don’t be penny wise and pound foolish, rather invest in the best mobile app developer available. The rewards will be better and more successful.

Marketing your app

It’s one thing to create an app and another to market the app once it has been created. It is often beneficial to work with a digital marketing agency that can develop your app plus get it out in front of your ideal customer. Experience and know-how of your app from the development stages to deployment will be very beneficial when launching the app and getting the right exposure. Working with an innovative digital marketing agency that can work alongside your business and guide you in app marketing, can make a huge difference to your bottom line.

Skilled Developers


A good mobile app developer will be able to work with hard and soft skills. Hard skills are being able to work across various platforms, as previously mentioned Android and iOS, as well as perhaps Java and security and hardware interfacing capabilities to name a few. Soft skills experience required would be analytical capabilities, problem solving, creativity, marketing ideas and general project and time management.

Choosing the developer for your mobile app will also entail researching what look and feel you are after. The services of an app developer who is experienced in UX design on various platforms is advisable.

Shared goals

To make your mobile app dream become a reality, it takes determination, sweat and hard work. Be sure that the mobile app developer you choose understands what you are aiming for and has the same amount of burning passion to achieve your goals.  Understanding the project in hand and industry related trends would be necessary to the success of your app development.

Continued support

Once the mobile app is developed, the continuation of support with regards to maintenance, bug fixing, development of new features and generally updating the app is important. Choose your mobile app developer based on their ongoing commitment to your app. It would be strongly recommended to do your homework and check on other customers’ reviews before hiring and selecting your mobile app developer. App maintenance should be a continuous process.

With so many mobile app developers available to choose from, think carefully regarding the points above before deciding on who to choose. We are happy to help, guide and quote on all your mobile app requirements. At Digital Noir we offer years of experience and have many satisfied customers. If you’re looking for the best mobile app developer, you’ve come to the right place! Check out some of our reviews here.

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