7 Features That A Good eCommerce Website Must Have

BY Mandy Pawley


20 January 2021

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Over 200 000 Australian households tried online shopping for the first time in April 2020. 67% of these households have continued to online shop. – Research by Google

eCommerce websites are changing the way people do their shopping, and there are certain features that a good eCommerce website must have. The whole idea of eCommerce revolves around the convenience that a buyer can do all their shopping in a virtual setting. They will be able to find what they want on the web, buy it, pay for it online, and have everything delivered straight to their doorstep.

However, online shoppers are becoming smarter, too. With all the eCommerce websites that are cropping up everywhere, you need to be mindful of how you build yours. To be able to attract customers to your online store, here are some features you may want to consider adding to your website to keep ahead of your competition.

1. Diverse Payment Channels

It is a must for you to offer different types of payment channels to give everyone the chance to buy from your website. The reality is that there is still a section of the population that does not know how to pay through online channels, and there are others who do not feel comfortable putting their credit or debit card details online. Alternative payments you can consider are PayPal, Bank Transfer and Cash on Delivery.

2. An Online Shopping Cart

The ultimate goal of your eCommerce website is to make sales. Adding an online shopping cart to your website will encourage your customers to save the items they wish to buy in the shopping cart. If they are unable to buy any of the items at any particular time that they are in the site and before payment is made, they can refer back to their shopping cart to purchase the items at a later time.

An Online Shopping Cart

3. Order Management System

Your customers will appreciate it if your site has an order management system. This system helps your customers keep track of their orders from you. They can view completed transactions as well as the ones that are still in progress.

Having an order management system will help your customers know when to expect their orders. It will also remind them of the positive experiences they had when they ordered from you in the past. Lastly, it will have links to any tracking systems to help them know where their parcels are at any point of the delivery process.

4. Security Features

Since all transactions are done online, you must ensure that the website’s backend is secure. It is a good idea to add security features, such as two-factor authentication, especially when your website requires sensitive details, such as credit card information or customers’ addresses.

5. Eye-catching Design

Depending on your target audience, it is necessary to design your website, especially your landing pages, in a way that will captivate visitors to take a closer look. Also, you must make your system as user-friendly as possible. Do not make the process of buying an item complicated, the simpler the process the more chance there will be of a customer completing a purchase.

Eye-catching Design

6. Shipping Options

Including overnight shipping and other express shipping options is an excellent addition to have on your eCommerce website. Make sure to be transparent about whether the quicker shipping option will include any extra charges.

7. Reviews

A review section on your website will show your customers that you are open to their feedback and that you value their input. Keep in mind that since you are not a physical store, some customers will rely on good feedback before they choose to transact with you. This is your chance to shine. After all, an excellent and honest business will also have great reviews.

customer feedback


Keep in mind that your website will be the face of your eCommerce business. Be sure that the objective of your website is clear and ensure it looks good and flows well. Your main objective should be to show your customers what you have to offer them and then make it easy for them to buy those products or services from you. Making sure that your website has all the aspects mentioned above will enable you to be one step ahead of your competitors.

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