How to Create High-Converting Product Pages for Your e-Commerce Website

BY Mandy Pawley


15 October 2020

Reading Time: 3 minutes

How to make a product page convert more visitors into customers is always high on the priority list when upgrading or creating an e-commerce website. A high conversion rate is the secret to a successful website and is what everyone is trying to achieve with e-commerce. Here are some pointers to help you with creating more conversions on your e-commerce product pages.

A safe and secure e-commerce website

A trustworthy website is going to encourage more visitors to purchase than a site which is not authenticated.  Don’t put your business, brand or your customers at risk of suffering fraud.  Using a secure web host and platform is essential, but not enough to offer confidence to your visitors.  An SSL certificate is mandatory for e-commerce sites and it helps to encrypt data between the visitor’s web browser and your website.  The data becomes unreadable then for everybody else, except for you and a viewer/user and makes it safe for card or other financial transactions on the site.

Clear and enticing product description

Too much text can lead to confusion and viewers leaving your site.  In order to avoid this happening, thought and time should be spent on creating creative product descriptions that are concise and yet informative. Highlight the key benefits of the product possibly with a short description, bullet points are often easy to read for viewers. A good product description, depicting what is special about the product, is probably going to influence a potential customer’s desire to purchase, but bear in mind that viewers don’t want to read a lot.

online shopping product description

Good graphics

Avoiding clutter on the page is important, but good, clear images of your products is essential.  Leave some whitespace around each graphic in order for them to be clear and to stand out on the page.  Pictures from different angles of the product can also assist the viewer in making a decision on purchasing, for example if you are a clothing retailer it would be advisable to show a picture of the front and the back of a clothing item.

Add a search feature

Whether you have thousands of products advertised on your site or just a few, do include a simple search feature in your menu.  This is certain to help viewers find what they are looking for easier and keep them engaged till they purchase.

e-commerce search feature

Informative product pages

Understanding what it is that your customer is wanting is paramount to the success of the e-commerce pages you create. Why are they visiting your website?  Designing your product pages in a manner that addresses customers’ questions, motivations, objections or concerns clearly, will encourage a higher conversion rate. For example, if selling cosmetic products, whether a mascara is waterproof or water resistant would be important information for a viewer to know in order to make an informed decision when purchasing.  Informed consumers will lead to fewer product returns!

Clear call to action

It may seem obvious, but the action of adding an item on an e-commerce website page to a shopping cart should be a very clear button.  The design of the button should not clash with the design of the page, but should be eye catching.

Checkout with ease

If the process to purchase an item is too long, the chances are high that the cart will be abandoned and the purchase not completed.  That’s exactly what shouldn’t happen on your e-commerce page!  Eliminate unnecessary steps in the checkout stage. Details you require should be kept to a minimum once items are in the shopping cart – name, billing information and shipping address.

Ask customers for feedback

By engaging with your customers requesting feedback on the ease of use of the site you will be able to make educated changes to your e-commerce website based on users experiences.  By adding FAQ to your site will also assist customers with information or answers they may need regarding your products.  Short tips relating to a product can also be very helpful in converting a sale.

With online shopping ever on the rise, it is best to speak to a specialist for the best advice on how your site can stand out in your industry and attract the highest conversions.

For further explanation, don’t hesitate to get in touch! I’m happy to help.

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