Why does your business need an app?


BY Mel Hammond


26 September 2017

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Think about the top 5 apps you use and how much time you spend in them on a daily basis. Whether you like it or not, people’s attention is firmly fixed on their phones. If you want to be connected to your customers where it matters, a mobile app is a fantastic way to do it.

We are now firmly in the age of apps

Mobile internet usage has long ago surpassed that of desktop, and smartphones and tablets are now the primary devices used when making purchasing decisions. Mobile users are turning to their devices to validate their choices, and to check on brand credibility. The implications are clear, if you aren’t providing a solid mobile experience, you risk missing out to competitors who do. So, as a business, it’s a smart choice to invest in mobile, but how?

Connect with your customers

As consumers have come to rely on mobile devices as a part of their everyday lives, the refined and customisable app experience is dominating those sought after mobile minutes. 90% of time on mobiles is spent in apps, as opposed to browsers. OK, this data is skewed by the MASSIVE amount of time dedicated to social media (don’t ignore that as a part of your marketing strategy) and games etc, etc, but an app for your business is a dynamic way of engaging with your potential customers and fostering loyalty from your existing ones.

The chances are, a high proportion of your customers are on their phones right now. You could be reaching out to them with a fun push notification, or gathering invaluable insights to help you gauge more about services relevant to them.

Make your life easier!

You can unlock the ability to provide a fun, creative way for customers to interact with your business, or you can use an app to improve productivity and organisation within your company. Technology is removing our need for the physical, and should be making our lives easier. How could it do that for your business?

Need an app requiring high levels of security, and need to meet strict requirements for administration and maintenance? We know how critical that is to your organisation, and we can tailor a solution to you.

Could you benefit from keeping electronic records, have an internal communications tool, and/or book and manage appointments?

Only you know how your business works, so why not create a unique app that helps you get that work done. Think of it as a brand new tool, an investment to put your business ahead of the game.

Embrace the change! Be where your users’ attention is.

Let us show you what a custom app can do for your business.

Hire an app developer and arrange a chat.

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Mel Hammond

Mel looks after our digital marketing client offering, from brand persona right through to content and campaign strategy. In-house, she heads up our marketing team, assisting Sam with marketing strategy and business development.