16 April 2021

Getting Curious, Creative & Chaotic @ Southstart

W/ Craig Swann

In this episode, we speak with Craig Swann from Southstart. I love chatting with Craig. He is so passionate about building community and doing it in the most ‘frictionless’ way possible. We spoke a few weeks out from the 2021 Southstart Conference Emergence. Craig described Southstart as a gathering of curious, creative chaotic individuals stumbling through the world trying to change the future somehow. I love that. Our chat focused on fostering that spirit and, more broadly, how we continue to do this outside of events like this.

Some key areas of the conversation were:

  • Southstart 2021
  • Community building
  • How to have better (more meaningful) conversation
  • Decentralisation and the future (and what it means)
  • Blockchain technology
  • The importance of hospitality
  • and much more!

Thanks so much to Craig for taking the time to speak, and we look forward to Southstart 2021.

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