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BY Sam Davies


21 February 2020

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A tipi and a few scattered cushions in the Adelaide Convention Centre made the perfect set up for our podcast at _southstart 2019. Nestled between the coffee and the workshop rooms, we were in prime position to lure people in for a chat.

Keynote presentations and workshops were run throughout the days by professionals from a variety of fields. From CEOs to designers, astronauts, wellbeing professionals, investors, winemakers and more! Everyone had so much to share with each other.

We were lucky enough to record some amazing conversations with some awesome people. Each week we will be updating this blog with our latest episode from our time there.

A big thank you to the incredible _southstart team!

Our latest episode:

Out Of The Tank, And Into The Tent – Steve Baxter

We were joined at _southstart by investor and entrepreneur – Steve Baxter. Most people will know Steve from Shark Tank Australia but his career is a lot more extensive than that. He has worked with many successful companies in leading roles over the last 25 years, roles that include Founder, Director, CEO and more.  

We discussed the work ethic of young people and how it’s changed since Steve’s earlier work with start-ups; with an insight into the difference between millennials entering the workforce now vs the generation that were starting out just after the recession of the 90s.

I asked Steve how he maintains his teams, he likes to keep it old school – no ping pong tables and no working from home.

And of course, I had to ask Steve about his time on Shark Tank and whether, as an investor, it was beneficial. Also, touching on the Beer Pal pitch, an app we developed.  

A great chat with some insights into an old school work culture in a modern environment. Enjoy!

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