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BY Sam Davies


16 January 2020

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A tipi and a few scattered cushions in the Adelaide Convention Centre made the perfect set up for our podcast at _southstart 2019. Nestled between the coffee and the workshop rooms, we were in prime position to lure people in for a chat.

Keynote presentations and workshops were run throughout the days by professionals from a variety of fields. From CEOs to designers, astronauts, wellbeing professionals, investors, winemakers and more! Everyone had so much to share with each other.

We were lucky enough to record some amazing conversations with some awesome people. Each week we will be updating this blog with our latest episode from our time there.

A big thank you to the incredible _southstart team!

Our latest episode:

Why Your Business Needs A Clear Vision – Elaine Stead

I was really looking forward to sitting down with Elaine Stead again. Since our last chat, Elaine has been working with the South Australian Venture Capital Fund, doing some great things here in Adelaide.

We got into the importance of having a purpose, and how knowing the “why” of your business will keep you on track and focused, whether you’re doing great…or shit’s hitting the fan.

Elaine also gave us some insight to what the SAVCF are looking for when entrepreneurs and founders come to them with their ideas. As well as give us some tips on approaching and meeting with venture capitalists; what makes people stand out, how you should act and how to get on their radar.

This is a great chat to listen to if you’re starting a business or thinking of taking your current business to the next level! Enjoy.

Previous episodes from _southstart:

How Busy Is A Barrier In The Way Of Happiness – Penny Locaso




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